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Stages Of Addictions

Stages Of Addictions

Addiction is very different from various types of people. Others take a shorter time while others take a longer time to be addicted. However there are four different stages of addictions, and they are Experimentation, habitual, dependency and abuse stage.

Stage 1: Experimentation

At this stage, an individual starts to use the drugs and alcohol just for enjoyment and at other times, using them for coping with hard circumstances to relieve stress. An individual can do this once or use it regularly without having any consequences. There are no consequences at this stage at all. At this stage of addiction, individuals have the possibility of stop using the drug at their will and no side effects will happen to them. If a person does not stop using the drugs and alcohol, then the addiction continues to a higher level, and that is the regular use stage.

Stage 2: Habitual.

In this stage, individuals are now used to consuming alcohol and other drugs on a daily basis. However, you can’t become an addict. The body at this stage is now becoming applied to the drugs and alcohol. It is possible to quit consuming the drugs and liquor, but there are still some dangers of going to the other level if the drinking continues regularly. An individual becomes drug dependent. They also have some behavioral consequences such as depression and some violent behavior.

Stage 3: Abuse.

One gets to this stage if there is a continued consumption of drugs and there are a lot of negative consequences that come will the drugs use. Individuals in this stage take the medications in massive amounts. It has a lot of effects such as fatigue when not using the drug, cravings, depression, and irritability.

Stage 4: Dependency.

In this stage, there is total addiction to the drugs and can’t do any task without consuming alcohol and drugs. The consequences involved here are, physical health decline, an urge to actively use the drugs and suffer from withdrawal problems.

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