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The consequences of drug abuse and misuse to your health

The consequences of drug abuse and misuse to your health

It is safe to say that addiction is already a disease that is difficult to cure, as it is hard to stop medications that used to take for years. A person’s inability to stop himself from using a drug or any illegal substance that affects his behavior and personal thoughts is a challenging fight for both the doctor and the patient himself. Let us find out the consequences of drug abuse and misuse to a person’s health.

Physical effects of drug addiction

The physical impairments you can experience when using illegal drugs depend on how you use it. For instance, snorting cocaine can affect your nasal cartilage, and smoking methamphetamine can cause a serious form of tooth decay which is often referred to as ‘meth mouth’. It can also cause lung and liver damage. Moreover, you can be injured when injecting a needle from a syringe full of heroin.

While intoxicated, you can also be hurt due to the effects of the medication to your balance, concentration, and body coordination. You are prone to accidents and may be part of a brawl if violent reactions and confrontational behaviors arise while under the influence. Worse, it can lead to an overdose and may cause you to be in a coma, or die.

Psychological effects of drug addiction

Your mental health is at risk when dealing with drug abuse. Depression and anxiety are already a given, but when under the influence, the drugs make you think differently. They send distorted signals to your brain that makes you think function or move in a way you never did before. It can cause hallucinations and signs of psychosis. If this is not enough, drug addiction can be the cause of your death through suicide, may it be planned with overdose or accidental in nature.

Personal effects of drug addiction

consequences of drug abuseIf it is not even obvious at this point, no positive effect can be expected when you become high on illegal drugs. It can ruin your relationships, your finances, your health, everything! The violent misbehavior that it elicits will let you commit crimes that you would never do if lucid.

Nothing good comes out of drug abuse and misuse. If you need help or you know someone who does, do not hesitate to call and speak to a psychologist or anyone in the healthcare field who can help you deal with this. It is never too late if you start now.

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