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How Do I Overcome My Surgery Addiction?

How Do I Overcome My Surgery Addiction?

A person may feel that he or she isn’t enough for everyone’s tastes and preferences. This dissatisfaction calls for people to have multiple surgeries and may even be a constant routine for them already. Unfortunately, there are real cases of people getting surgery addiction by the day. They are even growing in numbers, and that’s what’s alarming about it. If you’re someone that needs a call for help to overcome your addiction to anything, even besides surgery, then don’t hesitate to do so. Your life is more important and your mental health is far more the priority.

Why Do People Have Surgery Addiction?

In medical terms, a surgery addiction is a part of a condition known as body dysmorphic disorder. This happens when an individual is so focused on thinking that their slight “difference” in appearance is already an abnormality. They don’t accept this kind of change in their lives and the obsession starts with the surgery. Not only is it an internal perception problem, but there are also issues with social, emotional, and even occupational factors that are bothering the person. The root cause of these surgery problems may come from different ways. Social media, peer pressure, rejection from people around them, as well as how they see themselves are the main causes. Any flaw is an imperfection that poses as a risky mindset when it comes to getting surgery.

How Can I Help Myself?

We understand how hard it is to overcome these addictions especially when it concerns your body. To help yourself, you must recognize the surgery addiction in the first place. Is this for aesthetic purposes? Is this because I feel like I’m not enough? Questions and answers may go back and forth and believe us, you’re not the only one experiencing this situation. You can look for therapy sessions that will help you cope with the feeling of not being enough. This is a continuous process and does not stop in one session only. Again, you should know the root cause of your addiction. Don’t think that people are going to mock you or judge you for your addiction. Instead, look for ways on how to tackle the situation more rationally. You know that it’s happening and it’s real.

Can Doctors Help Me Too?

Surgery Addiction Successful Recovery

Before getting any surgery again, think of the repercussions that your surgery addiction is making. If you feel like you need professional help, don’t stop yourself from seeing a psychologist. Additionally, the doctor that you’ve trusted along the process must also try to identify the body dysmorphic disorder. A responsible surgeon should know the symptoms and must see the dangers of addiction in surgery. Some surgeons suggest that surgery enhances the self-esteem of a person. It is also important that a surgeon should know any drugs or substances that you take while you’re recovering. Lastly, your doctor may also ask about questions that you have also asked yourself. Cooperation during this period is very important.

A Healthy Mind Requires Acceptance

Take baby steps along the way, don’t force yourself to recover from your addiction fast. Acceptance that you have an addiction is something not easy to say. On the other hand, you will definitely help yourself along the way. Don’t get stressed about your sessions. Inform yourself about addictions and let yourself be free from these addictions.

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