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Stages Of Change (Addiction To Illegal Drugs and Substances)

Stages Of Change (Addiction To Illegal Drugs and Substances)

What are the different stages of change? Addiction can have many negative effects on a person who is suffering from an addiction or to substance abuse. These stages show the process of how a person slowly gets help and intervention for their substance abuse. This article will talk about the dangers of substance abuse, and how to get help for it. If you have a loved on who suffers from substance abuse, you can book an appointment today using this link.

What is substance abuse?

Substance abuse or addiction is a problem that many people face in this day and age. Access to drugs and other substances that may be addictive is very easy nowadays. It is very easy for a person to become addicted because the laws that govern these dangerous substances sometimes are not followed.

What are the dangers of substance abuse?

There are many consequences to health if a person has an addiction. Here is a list of the negative effects on the body of a person who is addicted.

Short term changes

A person who has an addiction can suffer from short term changes to their body. These changes include loss of appetite, wakefulness, changes in mood and other short term body changes. These changes depend on how much of the substance the person uses, how often and how long ago was the last time they used the specific substance.

These short term changes will tend to get more and more serious as the addiction escalates as well. If a person is not able to stop or control their addiction, they will most likely experience more serious changes to their body as time goes by.

Long term illnesses

stages of change addictionsThe long term changes will manifest themselves as illnesses in a person. A person who has been taking drugs and other forms of illegal substances for an extended period of time will have an adverse effect on a person’s overall health.

These forbidden substances usually contain many elements and ingredients that attack the crucial parts of a person’s body. These sicknesses that a person can contract after long term substance abuse are serious and can cause death, especially if the person is not able to get treatment and intervention in time.

The illnesses that can be caused by substance abuse are lung illnesses, brain diseases, diseases of the heart and to other integral parts of the person’s body.

The stages of change (Addiction)

When a person who is suffering from substance abuse decides to stop using an illegal substance, there are certain stages that the person has to go through before they are successfully able to stop using the substance for good.

Precontemplation Stage

This is the very first stage in the quest for the addicted person’s quest for change. In this stage, the medical team in charge of helping with the recovery of the person offers words of encouragement. At this stage, the person is rarely able to admit that they made a mistake in getting addicted to the substance in the first place. The people are not able to readily admit that they are suffering from substance abuse yet, and they act as if they do not see anything wrong with their lifestyle.

Contemplation Stage

The next stage is the contemplation stage. At this point, the people who have substance abuse are already aware of the consequences of their addiction, and they are already thinking about their problem. They finally perceive their addiction to be a problem that needs solving, and they are ready to accept help and intervention at this point.

Preparation Stage

The preparation stage, as its name implies is the stage when the medical team prepares the person for treatment to help them get over their substance abuse. The preparation stage encourages the victims to be open to different treatment methods and they are told about the advantages of getting clean. In the preparation stage, the people who suffer from substance abuse struggle with their internal need to have more of the drugs and to get better. The preparation stage is the first real stage that will initiate chance in the person’s life.

Action Stage

The action stage involves the treatment that will help the person finally be able to get over their addiction. Many coping strategies are used in the action stage to help the person cope. Effective communication strategies education about their addiction and different styles of coping strategies are introduced to the person as they get ready to transition from the action stage to addiction recovery.

Recovery Stage

stages of change addictionThe final stage of change for a person coping with substance abuse issues is the recovery stage. At this point, the family, friends and other important people in the lives of the victims of substance abuse should be actively involved in the encouragement of the person to recover from their addiction.

This addiction recovery stage is very positive. At this point, the person is now able to understand what caused the addiction, why their substance abuse was harmful to their health, and the effects that it had to their overall health.

In the stage of addiction recovery, the medical team focuses on encouraging the person to stay away, at all costs, from the substance that they were once addicted to (and from other harmful substances as well) so that future relapses of addiction may be prevented. The person will be released from the recovery facility with a mind and body that is refreshed and hopefully, cured.

Do you suffer from an addiction?

If you or someone you love currently has a problem with substance abuse, it is good for you to intervene. Many people who suffer from substance abuse and addiction do not realize that they have a bad habit that needs to be broken. Many of these people rely on the substance as a source of their happiness and they will rarely give up without a fight.

However, the responsibility of helping these people lies with their family members. The people around them, who are aware about their substance abuse should be the ones to help them get over their addiction problem.

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