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Signs of cocaine addiction

Signs of cocaine addiction

It’s no secret that despite being used medically, recreational cocaine is illegal in most countries and it is known for being an “addictive stimulant”. Addiction, in general, can be described as a condition, disorder or even a disease. Therefore, the combination of those two is a dangerous threat to one’s life. Check at the RhinoplastyBrisbanecost website the dangers of sniffing cocaine for your nasal system.    

The signs of cocaine addiction should be considered on the short and long term. It also depends on the amount of cocaine consumed. Higher doses of cocaine are obviously more threatening.     

Common signs of cocaine can be divided in those categories:  

  • Nose-related signs: runny nose and frequent sniffs. In the long-term, they will cause nosebleeds as cocaine damages one’s nasal cavity.  
  • Sleeping problems: finding it difficult to sleep as cocaine elongates the periods of wakefulness. They will also have dilated pupils.  
  • Mood swings: when the cocaine runs through the addict’s blood, feelings of happiness and excitement are activated.

But in the long-term, the addiction will cause depression, irritability and paranoia.  

  • Behavioral changes: They will speak louder and faster than usual and their self-confidence will be boosted excessively.  
  • High blood pressure: This can cause heart attacks, seizures, and strokes. All can lead to death.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. The signs won’t only be physical and behavioral but there will also be lifestyle changes which include a series of events that goes like this:  

signs of cocaine addiction
  1. They will start missing work.  
  2. Knowing cocaine is wrong, they will start lying to their loved ones and make excuses for their different personality and actions.  
  3. They will spend their money to get more and more cocaine to fulfill their addiction which will leave them short on money.     

Take away message, if you recognize those signs in a loved one, please help them get help. It is a life or death situation so the sooner, the better.

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