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Rotten Teeth Under Crowns

Rotten Teeth Under Crowns

What is a crown? 

A crown is a type of cap that is shaped like a tooth. It is positioned over an existing tooth and cemented into place. The whole of the tooth is covered right down to where the tooth meets the gum. Getting a dental crown can be expensive that is why many are avoiding dental procedures such as this. If you want to have a cost-effective dental service, you can visit a dental clinic where you can have affordable dental care in Sydney, Australia.

Reasons why this procedure is done

A dentist will use a crown when one of the following conditions may apply: 

  • If a tooth is weak and needs to be protected.
  • If a tooth has been broken or badly damaged
  • To cover a tooth that has a large filled cavity with little original tooth left
  • To cover a dental implant
  • Other cosmetic reasons 

Type of Materials

Crowns are commonly made from three types of materials 

  • Stainless Steel
  • Alloys
  • Porcelain fused to Metal
  • Resin 

Rotten teeth under crowns 

It is possible to get rotten teeth under crowns. Whilst the crown will not decay, the tooth to which it is attached certainly can. It is possible for plaque and bacteria to get under a loose-fitting crown. This can also produce an unpleasant smell. The area of the original tooth that may be exposed at the gum line is also a place where decay can occur. 


rotten teeth under crowns

If you develop tooth decay in a tooth that is covered by a crown, then first the dentist will have to remove the crown. Crowns are usually removed either by using special pliers that manipulate the crown gently until the cement that binds it to the tooth cracks.  With anesthesia removing the crown should not hurt but later once it has worn off the patient may feel a little sore around the tooth. Removing a crown should take as little as two minutes and often the crown can be reused. 

Once the crown is removed the repair to the decay is undertaken in the normal way and then either the original crown is replaced or a new crown fitted.

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