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What Can Rejuvenation Clinics Offer to Your Damaged Skin?

What Can Rejuvenation Clinics Offer to Your Damaged Skin?

Men and women have been in pursuit of perfect skin. Serums, creams, facial masks and scrubs are just some of the products that are part of our endless list. Even so, rejuvenation clinics have long been existing to help people from going further down the drain. Many sorted to all kinds of therapy and tried various types of spa or clinic that has the latest medical technology.

Hard-earned money is heavily spent on facials or laser care treatments. Many think of dermatologists and even cosmetic surgeons as heroes of beauty. Some prefer drinking countless glasses of water, thinking it helps with skin rejuvenation. Others carefully choose the food they eat or regularly go to the gym. A few would always hide from the sun. There are those who do all these things yet stay addicted to alcohol. Alcohol abuse can damage your skin. It’s a sad truth that not all can realize that giving up or significantly butting back on alcohol is beyond simple fix. It leads to restoring the soft complexion of the largest organ of the body – the skin.


Effects of Alcohol

Alcohol causes severe damage to the kidneys, liver, hearts, and lungs. It can cause an internal body part not to function as it used to do.

damaged skin of girlIt hastens the process of aging as consumption of this substance for 20 or 30 years encourages the production of wrinkles and fine lines especially among women. That surely prevents them from staying beautiful. This sign of aging is brought about by dryness of skin, and it all boils down to dehydration.

Alcoholism is a term for any person having more than two drinks a day. Dehydration is the first effect since it takes all the fluid out of the skin. Rehydration depends on how much damage has been done. If you’ve been drinking for 20 years then stopped, the skin might still not regenerate and bring back your skin’s glory that quickly. It becomes a lot more difficult once you destroy the collagen.

This addiction also causes body tissue damage. Your skin may turn red which might initially last for a few months. If it’s still here for six months or even a year, though, it can become a prominent and permanent feature. More serious damage can affect the mucous membrane, pancreas, the liver, and the skin. Ultimately, it is all because of one’s lifestyle choice that largely affects his whole being.


Rejuvenation Clinics

Medical experts treat addiction as a disease. It summons the person to take a substance over and over which negatively affects him physically. As the skin is the largest organ of our body, it is undoubtedly important to take care of it.

Rejuvenation clinics provide services such as IPL, dermal fillers, laser treatments etc. Treatments help women and men maintain smoother skin and a youthful appearance for a long period of time. There are other options to choose from, including infrared sauna and luxury facials. These, along with a reduction in alcohol consumption, will surely bring back the beautiful you.

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