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Meth Addiction Treatment

Meth Addiction Treatment

Methamphetamine is a drug that gives people stimulant effects. It’s presented in powder form or pill. When in powder form, the user may snort or dissolve in water and eject it. The pale blue crystal meth is smoked in a pipe. This is how meth addiction came to exist, so as the treatment to rehabilite those who are affected by it. If you need help for yourself or a loved one, at this medical centre near Lane Cove there are GPs to help you with reversing the mental and physical effects of meth addition. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at its effects and the meth addiction treatment.

Effects of Meth

People use meth to simply alter the way they behave and feel. However, on top of the desired feelings, one also get other changes.

Mood changes are characterized by exhilaration, overconfidence, euphoria, dulled emotions, agitation, and increased sexual arousal among others.

Behavior may change to talkativeness, bizarre behaviors, increased aggression, increased sociality, and lack of awareness

Psychologically, the user lacks inhibition, gets confusion, delusion, paranoia, and hallucinations.

If meth use becomes so regular and out of control, it’s time to check on meth addiction treatment. If the user has reached the tolerance stage, then it’s imperative that treatment is sought soonest possible.

Find a Medical Center for Detox

If your family member needs meth addiction treatment, talk to a doctor or simply seek recommendations for a hospital. The facility will help detox the addict so as to kill all the withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms may include cravings, anxiety, reddening, and itching of eyes, depressed mood, decreased sexual pleasure, lack of sleep, fatigue, and lack of motivation to do anything.

meth addiction treatment


Apart from detoxification, a meth addict requires behavioral therapy. These take two forms: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Contingency Management Interventions.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy delves in addressing addiction and harmful behavior. It’s also used to address coping strategies.

Contingency management deals with supporting abstinence by offering some incentives. Other therapies include counseling for the individual or family, family education, drug testing and support group formation.


Although medication is not a sure way currently, there are some good steps that have been taken in meth addiction treatment. There’s the use of Anti-methamphetamine Monoclonal Antibodies and Ibudolast as the treatment for meth addiction.

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