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Medicines that Cause Miscarriages

Medicines that Cause Miscarriages

There is a need to be healthy and strong throughout pregnancy. Coupled with this, the old belief that antibiotics are harmful to pregnant women and their babies’ health has been dismissed as an old wives’ tale. However new research has come to light and it turns out that there is some truth that there are some medicines that cause miscarriages. This is why you should always inform your doctor about the medicines you take.

Which medicines should be avoided?

Antibiotics. Although there are some of these that pregnant women can take safely, some would be very harmful to the pregnancy if taken without the advice of a physician.

medicines that cause miscarriages

Over-the-counter medications. These might seem safe enough to use because you would be able to buy them without a prescription. But many of them can cause miscarriage. Ibuprofen, Aspirin and Castor oil are just a few examples to name a few. There would sometimes be an alternative medication that you can take in place of these medicines, and your doctor will be able to tell you which ones those are. Should no substitute be available, your doctor can advise you on what other possible recourses you can take.

Trust the research.The people behind this research were specific to say that they were not discouraging pregnant women from taking any antibiotics. But they were quick to say that expectant mothers should be wary of the medicines that they take. The key is to always consult with a doctor before taking any medicines while pregnant. Doctors would know which drugs would be safe to take, and which ones to avoid altogether.

The bottom line is, if you are pregnant, you should be wary about any drugs you take. As a doctor before taking any type of supplement, over-the-counter drug or antibiotics.

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