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How Can Massage Treat Addiction?

How Can Massage Treat Addiction?

Addiction is a really serious issue that most people can’t overcome that easily. A person may even experience withdrawal symptoms or recurring addiction problems after rehabilitation. That is why it is important for both the patient and the medical healthcare professionals to monitor the person carefully. It is not enough to just treat the addiction through another series of medicine. Did you know that massage can treat addiction instead? Read more about it, the owner of Wayne Massage suggests dry needling to help with headaches for your stressful day. You may also get surprised that massage addiction is also possible. Thus, check out what are the best ways you can avoid addiction for a healthier you.

Massage Benefits For Addiction Issues

A person undergoing rehabilitation may go through different processes. One of which may be psychological therapy for their perceptions of life. Many rehabilitation centers also incorporate modern ways of reducing anxiety, stress, and depression from their patients. A good way to really detoxify the substances in the body is through massage.

Hormones That Increase Happiness

Research from the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) shows that feel-good hormones release when we get massages. It increases the serotonin and dopamine as well as decreases cortisol that alleviates one’s mood.

Alternative Healing Without Medicine

It also encourages a natural alternative method of healing without dealing with more medicine or drugs. As you crave for your medicine, you may not find it really helpful if more drugs are given to you. Thus, physical therapy is crucial and doesn’t give you that withdrawal symptom.

Weight Loss and Metabolism

In addition, it also helps metabolism that aids in the removal of these substance wastes. Your digestion and weight loss can also benefit from removing the toxins in your body. A person undergoing massage addiction therapy is going to benefit from it a lot.

Can You Also Get Addicted To Massage?

Massage Addiction Therapy Talk To A Psychologist

While massage is also beneficial for your health, you may find yourself in the cycle of addiction once again. How can massage even be addicting? Many assumptions about the psychological problem are linked with a massage treatment. You feel the sharing of bond through the massage and how it really enhances your mood right away. Even a simple step on the doors of a massage facility or room gets you feeling happy. It is suggested that you only get a massage when needed. Most massage centers also say you should take at least a massage every two weeks. Addiction impacts a lot of lives, not just yours so if you’re really wanting to commit to it, then you should know the limits to these cravings.

How to Face And Treat Addiction

While it is true that professional help is useful, there are also other options to resolve this issue. A person needs to accept addiction but not cling onto it. Your doctor is not your savior, and also not someone that you should always just depend on. Your self-recovery is by knowing how you, yourself, can get up and face the world again. It might be hard at first. However, you are not alone in this recovery. You can trust many professional psychologists, as well as alternative options like massage addiction therapy. Find out how your therapist can help you with massage addiction therapy.

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