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How To Overcome Food Addiction Without Compromising My Health?

How To Overcome Food Addiction Without Compromising My Health?

Food addiction is also known as eating addiction. This is a behavioral addiction that encourages an individual to consume foods in a compulsive way. Foods that are high in sugar and fat activate the “reward system” of humans which causes them to eat addictively regardless of consequences. Let us talk about how to overcome food addiction in the healthiest ways. If you are suffering from this, find a clinic online and get help right away.


How To Know If You Have Food Addiction

The addiction to foods comes in different varieties. Some people tend to have a huge appetite for certain foods (particularly junk food and unhealthy meals). Meanwhile, others are just plain addicted to eating whatever they can.

Generally speaking, food addiction is the inability to control one’s self when surrounded by foods. So how will you know if you have a food addiction? Below are the symptoms of an individual who are addicted to all or certain foods:


Nonstop cravings

woman eating foodsPeople that are addicted to food still get cravings regardless if they just finished their meals. Cravings come in 2 categories, the first one is when a person craves a dessert after eating a full meal, which, is common in all of us. On the other hand, unhealthy cravings are when a person craves foods even though he is already full.

Eating too much

If a person eats too much in each of his meals, then it’s safe to say that he is food addicted. For example, eating at least 10 packs of junk food in one sitting. This is a very unhealthy habit that they need to overcome for the sake of their health.

Eating like it’s the end of the world

Eating too much is a case already but some people tend to go beyond their stomachs limit. People who eat like there’s no tomorrow need to feel as if their stomach is about to burst before they stop eating. They typically wait until they’re so stuffed that getting to the restroom follows immediately.

Feeling guilt for eating too much but does it again anyway

Some people are aware that they eat too much and they feel extremely bad for doing so. In some cases, they even swear to avoid doing the habit again but end up doing it again anyway. This is because their food addiction is too strong and they can no longer control themselves around certain foods.

Piled up reasons

Have you noticed how defensive some people become when you ask them to stop eating junk food or drinking alcohol? That is one of their ways to get what they want and satisfy their addiction to foods. They come up with excuses like “It’s my comfort food,” “I feel better when I drink,” etc. to brush off the people that care about them.

Hiding from others

Selfishness is not always the issue when someone is hiding to eat. Sometimes they hide because they eat too much they feel embarrassed about it. When a person hides away to eat foods, it could indicate that they are addicted to it and they don’t want you to see them devour boxes of donuts.

Can’t seem to quit

Food addiction is a type of addiction that’s hard to overcome without proper help. Unfortunately, because of this habit, people develop certain diseases and illnesses that affect their overall health. However, despite the warnings of their doctor and family, they find it hard to let go of food addiction.


How To Overcome Food Addiction

Overcoming food addiction requires maximum dedication and commitment. In order for you to achieve your goals, you have to set priorities and constantly remind yourself that you are doing this for your own benefit.

Foods like junk foods, soft drinks, and those with high sugar and fat are hard to let go of. If you are finding yourself weak whenever you are around these kinds of foods, try to divert your attention to other things.

To overcome food addiction, you will need to follow the tips below:

  • List down your trigger foods. Write down all the foods that you always crave and those you eat excessively when available. This will help you determine which foods to avoid.
  • Make a list of food shops with ready-to-eat healthy options. Just in case you’re not in the mood to prepare healthy meals for yourself, at least you’ll know where to run to.
  • making a listPlan your meals and strictly adhere to them. If you can, prepare a one-week food plan. Enlist the quantity and how much you need for the day. By doing this, you will know what ingredients to get in the market and avoid purchasing unnecessary add ons.
  • Motivate yourself. How you motivate yourself depends on you. You may opt to post little notes around your kitchen with phrases like “You can do it!”, “One snack per movie”, or you may post the progress of your weight loss program.

These suggestions are meant to help you overcome food addiction if you’re just starting to win over it. However, if none of these worked and you still overeat despite your efforts to lessen your food consumption, then it’s time to consult a specialist.


Seeking Professional Help

It wouldn’t hurt to ask a professional how to cope with food addiction. They understand that this is like a war where you are battling against yourself.

A lot of mental health professionals are more than willing to help individuals that are suffering from different kinds of addiction.

Speaking to a psychiatrist might help you overcome eating too much. Who knows, this might be the way for you to know why you overeat in the first place.

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