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How to Overcome a Morphine Addiction

How to Overcome a Morphine Addiction

On the scale of addictive substances, opiates rank highly. Overcoming morphine addiction is challenging, but not impossible. The nagging temptation to explore that wonderful feeling once again is hard to ignore, but it can be done and people have done it. You may have to try more than once, but acknowledging that relapse doesn’t mean defeat is an important part of what may be a lengthy process. Forgive yourself and try again. Then be prepared to try once more. 

One of the most effective methods for beating addiction are treatment programs: they will provide you with wrap around support. Your emotional, psychological and medical needs will be addressed and you may be offered access to counseling and therapy. In addition, you will be given the strategies you need to develop habits of abstinence. 

You might also consider behavioral therapy, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This process will support you in addressing your choices and habits. You will learn how to replace flawed or defective thinking with positive patterns of thought. It’s important to see such processes through to conclusion to avoid the risk of relapse. 

You reduce your risk of relapse if you remain abstinent for a year. This further increases until after three years, the chances of remaining morphine abstinent become high. Those cravings may never go away, but you will have learned to manage them. Here are some tips for staying abstinent:  

  • Focus on developing positive relationships that have nothing to do with drugs 
  • Join a support group and share experiences 
  • Create distractions
  • Find something to take your mind off the cravings 
  • Be honest with yourself and your loved ones
  • Ask for help if you need it 
  • Forgive yourself for the past and move forward 
  • Avoid situations, places or people that are likely to lead to a relapse
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