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How Long Does It Take To Detox From Alcohol? (More Than 5-7 Days)

How Long Does It Take To Detox From Alcohol? (More Than 5-7 Days)

Why is alcohol seen negatively by many people? The possibility of alcohol addiction is inescapable. For this reason, alcohol moderation takes hours, days, and even years. People that experience overconsumption of these drinks may face longer health hazards. Moreover, alcohol addiction also affects your skin health and may form acne breakouts and inflammation. If you want to know the timeline on how long does it take to detox from alcohol, it may be best to ask professional addiction therapists. You may also find motivation from reading this article to stop your alcohol addiction from slowly destroying your lifestyle.


What Does Alcohol Do To A Person’s Health?

Alcohol is a very addictive substance that is one of the leading causes of death, particularly for men. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), at least 3 million died of alcohol abuse in 2016. Among the causes are car crashes, injury, cardiovascular diseases (heart attack), self-harm and interpersonal violence, infections, digestive disorders, cancer, and other mental health illnesses. It is not just limited to these physical and psychological issues. Take a look at some of the other health issues that addiction to an alcoholic drink takes.


Liver And Kidney

One of the body’s most susceptible organs is those that filter the blood for a healthier body. Hence, the liver and kidney are vulnerable to certain diseases due to the effects of alcohol. Alcohol dries the oxygen and makes it harder to be filtered by the liver and kidney. Depending on the blood alcohol content of a person, it may take an hour or more to process the ingredients in alcohol. This alcohol addiction explains why acute kidney injury or liver disease stops the filtering process as alcohol has destroyed its functionality.



How Long Does It Take To Detox From Alcohol Organs

Visible side effects and symptoms of alcoholism are acne, pimples, and facial lines that make you ten years older. Drying of skin defeats the purpose of collagen, fibroblasts, and collagen in the body for protection against diseases. Moreover, facial flushing or the redness and inflammation of the dermis and epidermis may lead to complications. It may also be the reason for spider veins and increases the dilation of blood vessels. Moreover, alcohol also affects a person’s sleep cycle, which prevents the regeneration of cells that the skin needs.



As the central issue of the lack of oxygen and blood continues for an alcoholic person, the blood plays a central role in all diseases and disorders in the overall human body. Once the person acquires a high level of blood alcohol content, it may lead to dehydration, lack of oxygen, and low body temperature. Intoxication starts at 08–0.40 blood alcohol content (BAC) that can affect the body dangerously.



The heart which is responsible for pumping blood in and out is at the highest risk for diseases alongside the kidney and liver. Alcohol increases the chance of having high blood pressure, which blocks the healthy bloodstream that our organs need. Sicknesses like stroke, heart attack, and other cardiovascular diseases frequently occur for alcoholics.



Similar to the heart, the brain is also one of the vital organs in the body, which can disrupt overall body functions. The brain controls speech, cognitive reasoning, body movements, and discernment. Additionally, the depressants in alcohol affect brain wiring, which already impairs a person despite the withdrawal. It is dangerous for a person to keep drinking despite previous detox treatments if brain damage is present.


What Are The Ways To Stop Alcohol Addiction?

Explaining the science of alcohol addiction may sound boring, but it can be a lifesaver. Nevertheless, moderation is the key to preventing yourself from splurging into the downward spiral of alcohol abuse and addiction. Before asking yourself how long does it take to detox from alcohol, it may be best to check which treatment can be suitable for stopping binge drinking. Apart from long detoxification duration, people who drink alcohol should also consider getting a mental health checkup


  • Detoxification

Self-detox can only be done if the person is already able to rehabilitate themselves from a professional detox center or hospital. It is dangerous for a person who wants to undergo the timeline on how long does it take to detox from the hospital alone. Many health illnesses can show during the recovery period as they are a byproduct of the body changes. 


  • Psychological Therapies And Rehabilitation

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and other support groups are crucial for success rates in behavioral and mental solutions. If you are looking for a group to help your detox and alcohol withdrawal, look for local health organizations.  It is not too late to ask for your family or friends for help in stopping the alcohol addiction.


How Long Does It Take To Detox From Alcohol?

Are you taking alcohol withdrawal sessions? If yes, then it is a significant step to stop yourself from acquiring more health complications. It may be best to read ahead for individuals who are still wondering how long it takes to detox from alcohol. The timeline for withdrawal is constant, but the results for every person may vary. Hence, it is vital for patients who want to completely stop their addiction to focus on the process of withdrawal. The timeline will also help prevent the risks of alcohol withdrawal symptoms from taking a toll on your body. 


In 24 Hours

During the 24 hours of not consuming alcohol, your body will undergo a series of sharp pain, anxiety, and insomnia. An individual who wants to reduce alcohol intake should be careful in techniques like cold turkey as it is the most dangerous routine. Depending on the person’s weight, genetic factors, environment, tobacco or drug use, age, and other factors, a person can have severe symptoms that may become an emergency. 


After 72 Hours

The stage where most people experience peak withdrawal symptoms, increase in blood pressure, hallucination, headaches, and seizures take place. It is vital to have someone with you for monitoring and care for the severity of stopping your alcoholic drink addiction. On the other hand, the issue also varies and depends on the time that it takes for you to become tolerant and resort to binge drinking. Typically, this detox time also encourages patients to visit a professional detox center for their treatment.


5 Days

How Long Does It Take To Detox From Alcohol

Delirium during this stage can be risky and may even be a cause of death if there is no appropriate alcohol withdrawal symptom treatment. Detox can also be a reason for hallucinations and other psychological and mental health problems. A patient under a detox facility may find treatments like cognitive behavior therapy, alongside medical prescription drugs to calm anxiety and depression.


7 Days And More Weeks

A few days and weeks of not consuming alcohol without treatment already makes it complicated to treat a person’s withdrawal symptoms. However, if you are under the guidance of a detox professional, you may find yourself stabilizing. Some hospitals may recommend prescription medicine and reintroduce diet plans for your health. Moreover, you can also ask questions on which ways to prevent your addiction from coming back. The common enemy of alcoholic rehabilitation centers is the reverting process of addiction. Thus, a medical doctor and a therapist should ensure that patients are already clear of thoughts in alcoholic drink abuse. 

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