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Create Some Good Personal Habits To Beat Addiction

Create Some Good Personal Habits To Beat Addiction

Addiction is a habit, a bad habit. And the only way to counter a bad habit is by creating good personal habits. Addiction can be a pain and can affect not just your own, but all the people around you. Good personal habits can start with building healthy habits and can be as simple as running outside or on a treadmill. In this article, we will talk about the best options and ways to build good personal habits to bear addiction.


Building Good Personal Habits

Start with the right mindset

Getting over an addiction or bad habit is not easy. You have to set your mind right. You have to be committed. Vow that you have started this journey to change because you are committed to seeing it through. You can begin by journaling about it or having an accountability partner who you can talk to in confidence. I guarantee you, the first few weeks of building healthy and good personal habits can be rough. There will be times when you feel unable to commit to these habits, but take courage, you will overcome that phase. Especially with a little help and a little push. So have someone who will always remind you to carry on.

Take it slow

Stopping bad habits is easier said than done. Some people tryman helping another to stop completely on the first day and end up getting pulled back and taking it worst than ever. We do not recommend such a thing. Plus, if you are addicted to a substance, quickly stopping may lead to severe withdrawal. And that will not be good for your health. You have to take it slow, and you can start with small. And by small we mean constant small positive changes that can result in continuous improvement. This type of approach is called the Kaizen method wherein small changes can lead to significant results in the long run. 

Avoid the triggers

Steer away from places, people, events, and routines that may trigger your addiction or bad habit. You do not want to test your temptations. Because, believe it or not, you have more chances to drawback if you are near them. Bad habits are habits. It is not easy to get rid of or ignore them. So you must do your best to avoid your triggers.

Create new habits

Good personal habits are personal. Build habits around things that are easy for you to do. Such as routines that are fun for you. It does not have to be complex right away. It could be as easy as washing the dishes or cleaning the lawn every day. Simple things that can help you forget your other addiction. It might help to have a tracker to keep track of your daily habits. Plus, you will find that having to tick boxes can be oddly satisfying. You can also set a reward system for every day accomplished habit. Here are some good habits you can start on:

  • Exercise (it might help to have a gym buddy or a personal trainer to stay committed)
  • Meditation (does not require a lot of time; can be done in 2 minutes, helps you have a clearer mind and perspective)
  • Doing house chores (simple and you can do it every day; you will also benefit from a clean home)
  • Taking online courses (there are a lot of free online courses that can fit you, with just a click of a button)
  • Acquiring a new hobby (learn an instrument that you have not tried before; play a new sport). Visit Home Pilates Machine Australia page to see if pilates suits you.

Get inspired

We have to remember that the people who care for us, who loves us, success through good personal habitsand who see us suffer from our bad habits are the ones who we hurt the most. Let them be our inspiration for a change. These habits that we are building are as much as for and them. If we have these people in our lives, it will be easier for us to pull ourselves back if we slipped. Plus, surrounding yourself with these people can help you push through challenges.

Pat yourself in the back

Every now and then, you might trip or slip and end up feeling guilty for slipping. Pat yourself in the back and remind yourself that it’s okay. Building healthy and good personal habits to beat an addiction is not easy. As long as you are trying your best, no one, not even you, should make you feel terrible for slipping once.


Where Is The Old Me

That is the question we want to ask ourselves at the end of this transformational journey. And no, change does not happen overnight. We have to put effort into it. The first days might be easy because that is, most of the time when we are ultimately motivated. But a few weeks in and we will start to feel less enthusiastic. The habit tracker will have gaps and skips here and there, but DO NOT GIVE UP. In any good personal habits, consistency is the key. And the only way we can achieve to be consistent is to try to start again and again and again until we do not have to remind ourselves to anymore. Because finally, it is part of our routine, our daily habits, and guess what? The good habits we built are there to stay, and we promise you, once you’re hook, it will be hard to skip a good habit.

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