Home General HealthDid You Know That Getting Physical Exercise is a Healthy Way to Combat Stress?
Did You Know That Getting Physical Exercise is a Healthy Way to Combat Stress?

Did You Know That Getting Physical Exercise is a Healthy Way to Combat Stress?

People tend to forget doing physical activities these days because of a busy schedule. A corporate employee person for example usually spends his or her entire day in the office. Add the fact that we also spend time on home to office travel, after work dinner appointments, and sometimes, attending a colleagues’ birthday party. Leaving them no time to exercise. But did you know that getting physical exercise is a healthy way to combat stress? There are various options for you to be able to exercise, for example, you can try to set up your own home gym. You can do any physical activity in the comfort of your own home.


Benefits of Regular Physical Activity

Exercising can do lots of wonders for our bodies. People who work out usually feel more light and energetic, their body has this sense of liveliness to do any task for the day.

Let’s talk about the great benefits of exercising.

Exercising helps in reducing the risk of a heart attack. Minimal exercise will greatly help in avoiding this situation.

Doing physical activities can also be a stress relief. 30 to 40 minutes work out will keep you occupied and busy. Boxing for example lets you release your stress, this exercise increases the production of endorphins giving you good or happy thoughts, leaving you with a healthier state of mind. People who regularly exercise claims to feel stress relief right after they work out.happy woman after workout

A person with a body mass index of 30 or more is considered to be overweight. This kind of condition can lead to serious health problems such as heart disease, high cholesterol, and high sugar. Regular exercise will help in preventing these health conditions.

People who have just recovered from hospitalizations may need to do some physical activities as well. Being bed-rested for a long period of time often leads to weak muscles and joints.

As we grow old we tend to gain more and more weight without even noticing the changes in our body. Regular exercises will help to manage our weight better. You may refer to this site to know about ideal body weights according to age.


Types of Physical Activity

There are various types of physical activities to choose from. You can choose from light to extreme activities depending on your preference.

First is stretching, all kind of activities requires stretching. This is commonly done before and after the work out routine to prevent cramps or the involuntary contractions in the muscle.

Light-intensity activities, this type usually requires minimal effort. Our common daily routines such as fixing the bed, gardening, and mopping can be categorized as light activities.

Aerobics, also known as an endurance activity. The main goal of this activity is to strengthen the large muscles, improve flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. Some examples of aerobics are swimming, bicycling, dancing, and many more.

Muscle-strengthening activities on the other hand improve the strength and power of your muscles. This type of activity requires lifting your own body against resistance. Push-ups, sit-ups, weightlifting, and stair climbing are some parts of this activity. You can also boost your metabolism with some protein intake.


Enjoying Physical Activities

couple on a hikePhysical activities don’t need to be boring and dull. You can always opt to do other enjoyable activities while working out.

A simple walk in the park with your dog on a weekend may ease your mind and release your stress from a week-long workload.

Jogging with your friends is also a physical activity that you may enjoy. You and your friends can catch up and at the same time, be healthy together.

Hiking with a loved one is a good physical exercise too. This will give you a chance to appreciate nature and tone your leg muscles while enjoying the company of your partner.

Skating with your family can be a fun physical activity too. We could get quite lazy sometimes during cold seasons, that’s why skating is a good option for you to keep your body active.

If you’re more of a water person, swimming is a good physical activity for you. A 2-day trip to the beach with friends and family will help to refreshen your mind and release tension.

Always prioritize your well-being, your physical and mental health. No one else will benefit from a healthy you but you.


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