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What Are The Effects Of Drug Abuse? (How They Affect Health)

What Are The Effects Of Drug Abuse? (How They Affect Health)

What are the effects of drug abuse? This article will discuss the effects of doing drugs and hopefully discourage anyone from starting this bad habit. In a related topic, you can read more about how teeth can be damaged by prolonged drug abuse. 


What Is Drug Abuse? 

Drug abuse refers to using the drugs in ways other than for what they are meant for. Drug abuse may manifest in the form of using someone else’s prescription to fulfil your need of the drugs. A person who abuses drugs may also find themselves taking a larger amount than the recommended dosage of a certain drug because they like the effects t has on them. Take note that they are not taking the drug to cure any disease, but more because they enjoy the side-effects the drug offers. 


Why Do Some People Abuse Drugs? 

The definition of drug abuse refers to when people use drugs in ways effects of drug abuseother than they were intended. Most medicines are meant to help people get rid of pain, help them with problems with their sinuses and other physical health concerns. People start abusing drugs if they discover a side-effect of a certain drug that they can use for their enjoyment, to escape reality or ease the feeling of stress 

For example, a person who wants to relieve their stress and get a better-quality sleep may take an antihistamine. Most antihistamine drugs have an effect that makes you drowsy and may help a person get to sleep more quickly. Some people may abuse this drug by taking antihistamines frequently in order to get to sleep. Also, they may take more than the recommended dose of the drug to achieve the desired side-effects. 


What Is The Difference Between Abuse And Addiction? 

This is a question asked by many. What is the difference between addiction and abuse? There is a big difference between these two terms, although sometimes one may lead to the other.  

Drug abuse is a bad habit. However, many people who practice drug abuse may find that they are able to stop taking the drugs when they are told that it may affect their overall health if they continue their substance abuse. The health effects that substance abusers will experience, or at least being told about these health defects will be more than enough for people to stop their substance abuse. Most of the time, the health effects are not long term because the person is able to stop their substance abuse. 

However, in some cases, drug abuse may also be very dangerous. The reason behind this danger is because it can lead to drug addiction. Drug addiction is much more severe than drug abuse because seemingly nothing is able to stop a person from taking the drugs. They will usually stop at nothing to obtain the drugs they “need”. No matter how much their health deteriorates, or if they run out of money to buy their drugs, they will still not see the benefit of stopping. 

People who have a drug addiction are usually very unhealthy. The health effects of drug addiction can make a person turn into a shell of their former self. Yet even with that, people who have an addiction will not stop taking these drugs. 


Effects Of Drug Abuse  

The main effect of drug abuse or substance abuse is the effect it has on a person’s brain. Substance abuse interferes with your brain’s reward system. The human brain releases a chemical called dopamine when pleasurable situations happen. Certain kinds of drugs are able to replicate the release of dopamine when they are taken. This is why people sometimes develop addiction to these drugs. Their bodies get so used to the high of the dopamine in their system that they find themselves unable to function properly without it. 

The release of dopamine, however, is seemingly the only positive effect on the human body. Most of the other effects of substance abuse and drug addiction are very negative. The health effects alone should put anyone off even trying drugs. For example, drugs that are in powder form and inhaled might cause damage to the nostrils.

effects of drug abusePeople who suffer from substance abuse or addiction usually have very low health quality. Many of their internal organs will be affected by their use and abuse of the drugs in question. Drug addiction and substance abuse can also take its toll on a person’s oral health. Teeth and gum health will also be adversely affected by the drugs. The drugs may not directly affect the teeth and gums, but then people may tend to neglect their oral health if they suffer from an addiction to drugs. Instead of taking time to do simple oral health practices, their minds will be preoccupied about their drugs and when they will be able to get their next high. 


How To Avoid Substance Abuse 

The best way to avoid succumbing to substance abuse is to avoid using drugs and medicines in alternative ways. Make sure to only use these medicines and drugs in the way they were intended. If you are reading this article now, it means you can still stop your bad habit of abusing the drugs in ways that they were not designed to be used. 

If you feel stressed, have trouble sleeping or have other health concerns, seek help from your doctor. You will be able to get the proper medication you need for your medical issue and you will not need to self-medicate and risk becoming addicted to the substances. 

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