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Effects of Coffee on Teeth

Effects of Coffee on Teeth

Coffee is ranked as one of the most popular drinks worldwide, with more than 50 people taking a cup daily. Coffee is extremely acidic, therefore leading to wearing out of your teeth enamel. With time, coffee effects on teeth and cause tooth decay, learn more about dental problems.

Following are the coffee effects on teeth;

  1. Staining. Coffee leaves brown stains in between or on the surface of your teeth. Reducing the amount of coffee you take daily can help reduce further damage to your teeth.
  2. Enamel Damage. The enamel helps to keep your teeth ever string and healthy. When enamel wears off, the teeth become more vulnerable to damages and diseases. Large consumption of coffee can lead to the degradation of the teeth enamel.
  3. Tooth Clenching. Large intake of coffee is highly associated with stress and sleeplessness nights. Consumption of coffee some hours before getting to bed can lead to clenching of teeth while you are asleep. Teeth clenching can cause pain in your teeth and Jaws. Avoiding coffee within the four hours before getting to bed. In addition, reducing coffee consumption throughout the day can reduce the instances of teeth clenching at night.
  4. High Acidity. Coffee has high acidity that is prone to causing tooth decay. Coffee acidity can be more harmful to the teeth of individuals who consume more cups per day.
    In addition, cream, sugar, and syrups produce bacteria that generate acidity. This leads to double acidity on the teeth, having in mind the preexisting high acidic content in the coffee.
  5. Bad Breath. The bacteria and acids that have accumulated due to the consumption of coffee beverage sticks in the teeth and the gums leading to bad breath. If an individual fails to maintain proper oral hygiene can lead to chronic bad breath.


Coffee may taste great, but it adds no values to your teeth. It is therefore recommended that you reduce the amount of coffee that you consume, to help reduce further damage on your teeth. Also, it is convenient that you regularly visit your dentist to help reduce the risks associated with teeth damages.

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