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Effects of Cocaine on Teeth

Effects of Cocaine on Teeth

Introduction Dental health is the last option that cocaine users think of when they put the rug on their gums, little did they know that this will greatly affect their teeth and gums, search online for more information similar to this. Below are the effects of cocaine on teeth.

Dry Mouth
Dry mouth occurs when the mouth salivary glands fail to work properly. Saliva is 98 percent water and crucial in cleaning teeth and breaking down food. Chronic use of cocaine can reduce the amount of saliva that is produced, therefore increasing the chances of developing tooth decay.

cocaine effects on teeth

Tooth Decay
Cocaine can either be in the form of powder or solid form. Its acidity has the potential to mix with saliva to form an acidic solution coat on the other the teeth. This acidic medium damages the protective enamel on the teeth.

Brittle Teeth
Cocaine addicts grind or clench their teeth, leading to weakening of their teeth to the extent where they can wear down and break. Clenching and grinding may also result in jaw pain.

Nutritional Deficiencies
Cocaine being a strong stimulant can deplete the body of essential vitamins and minerals that are required to maintain healthy teeth. Also, it suppresses appetite, therefore, Cocaine users do not get enough nutrients that are found in food. Cocaine users may benefit from supplements like vitamin B and vitamin C.

Palatal Perforation
Cocaine users are at a higher risk of damaging the tissues located between the nose and the palate, which is the roof of the mouth. Inhaling Cocaine through the nose causes narrowing of the nasal cavity and the blood vessels. With time, continuous use may lead to the formation of a hole, therefore making it hard to talk, eat or drink.

Rubbing Cocaine on or over the gums which results to a numbing sensation, can lead to ulceration of gums and the jaw bone. Such mouth sores are so painful and may become infected. Also, spreading Cocaine on the gums makes gums to recede.

Since Cocaine effects on teeth are quite serious, it is crucial to regularly maintain dental hygiene by reducing the use of cocaine. Also, it is recommended that you visit your dentist regularly to help prevent the risks that can lead to teeth damages.

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