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Drug Abuse Causing Skin Problems

Drug Abuse Causing Skin Problems

One of the physical manifestations of drug abuse is skin damage. Substance abuse of drugs such as alcohol, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana, and other prescribed pain medications done either orally or by intravenous means adversely affects the skin in a number of ways. Having skin problems can be stressful and irritating for most women as this destroys their perfect beauty. As women nowadays seek more cosmetic surgery, Brisbane doctors say their want for perfection in beauty can be destroyed by abusing drugs.

The various drug abuse skin problems include;  

  • The occurrence of early aging symptoms

Substance abuse of alcohol, methamphetamine, and cocaine are associated with increased body dehydration due to excessive sweating and urination which in turn leads to dry skin that promotes the appearance of skin wrinkles. 

Substance abuse also leads to suppressed appetite and insomnia, conditions that promote weight loss which is unhealthy leading to skin sagging, a sign of aging.  

  • Permanent scar formation on the injection site

The abuse of injectable drug substances over time is often associated with the formation of permanent scars on the skin surface where the injection occurred due to the hardening and hyperpigmentation of the veins as a result of an injury.  

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  • Skin infections

Skin popping as a result of the unhygienic injection of drug substances into the body results in the introduction of toxins including bacteria that lead to infection and abscess formation on the injection site such as in necrotizing fasciitis, a bacterial skin disease which can spread and cause death if not treated. Substance use also leads to a suppressed immune system which increases the risk of developing skin infections such as psoriasis, urticaria, and seborrheic dermatitis.  

  • Nutritional deficiencies leading to skin rash, dry and cracking skin

Lack of good nutrition due to substance abuse leads to nutritional deficiencies that manifest on the skin surface such as the occurrence of skin rashes, dry and itchy skin. This is also contributed due to the fact that substance abuse damages internal organs such as the liver and other digestive organs reducing the availability of nutrients in the body.  

  • Accidental cuts and burns on the skin 

Substance abuse, especially with alcohol, impairs proper coordination which leads to accidental cuts and burns that cause scars on the skin surface.  

Therefore, to prevent the above drug abuse skin problems, it is recommended to completely avoid substance use and abuse and focus on keeping the skin healthy by practicing good and proper hygiene.

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