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Dip Addiction

Dip Addiction

Dipping is chewing tobacco. Dip addiction is where one cannot concentrate or stay without chewing the tobacco. Dip contains more nicotine than cigarettes. Dip addiction may be caused by too much use of it. People do chew tobacco because of stress, others for fun, and others do as they see the elderly doing it. While this may seem harmless, in reality, there are underlying impacts of dip. To know the effects of dip addition check out this link.

Effects of Dip

1.It has polonium a radioactive material that been found in tobacco, its toxic crud that is contained in the fertilizers used in tobacco farms and it is absorbed and stored in the tissues of the plant. Polonium is powerful and it’s used as a trigger for neutron trigger or nuclear weapons initiator.

2.Nitrosamines a substance that causes cancer in animals, which is suggested to cause cancer to human too. Nitrosamines are found to get in chewing tobacco during the growing, curation, fermentation and aging of the tobacco.

3.Cadmium – these becomes the part of the tobacco because of the type of fertilizers used in the process of farming.

dip addiction

4.Cyanide-this is a murder tool that is highly toxic and can make you think of murder or suicide.

5.Lead – when you dip, lead that is contained in the chewed tobacco can easily and quickly be absorbed into your bloodstream and affects some areas like the central nervous system, kidneys, the cardiovascular system and can also weaken the immune system an make you more vulnerable to diseases.

Dip addiction can be stopped by making a decision to quit it. Although Tobacco is a tough habit to break, therefore you should be ready and prepared for the fight. You should know what to expect when you decide to quit dip. It is dangerous to our health therefore if you haven’t considered quitting then now would be the time to quit and be free from dip’s slavery.

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