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Does Cosmetic Surgery Addiction Harm My Body?

Does Cosmetic Surgery Addiction Harm My Body?

If given a choice, would you like to change the way you look today? If your answer is yes, then it’s one of the many reasons why people want to get cosmetic surgery. While we can’t blame you for the many benefits that cosmetic surgery does, we want to warn you about cosmetic surgery addiction. It is not bad to feel that you deserve to look and feel better. Indeed, you might need cosmetic dental services to restore your teeth due to accidents or injuries. On the other hand, there are many other people who will make excuses just to get that magic touch again. If you’re feeling like you are suffering from the consequences of cosmetic surgery addiction, don’t feel ashamed about it. Instead, read more about our tips on what is the problem about.

The Real Deal With Cosmetic Surgery Addiction

Problems such as cosmetic surgery addiction or plastic surgery addiction are usually liked in a disorder called Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). In this issue, the individual is suffering from their perception of one’s body. In a way, they don’t accept themselves and choose to correct these imaginary faults in their faces, arms, breasts, hips, and other parts. They may go to a cosmetic surgeon for a few weeks before the doctor can detect the addiction. Thus, it is important for medical practitioners to detect any signs of addiction to plastic or cosmetic surgery. There are many risks that can impact the body due to this problem. Not only just for the person’s mental health but also how the body functions as well.

Knowing The Root Causes Can Eliminate It

Did you know that your addiction is not just because of the plastic surgery itself? There are many reasons why you’re feeling a cosmetic surgery addiction. Revelations about your body, how you think, and what your psychologists would say really can help uproot the causes. If you’re unsure about your own mental health, don’t hesitate to call for professional help right away. It may take a few steps a time, but don’t give up on hope for yourself.

Trauma from bullying

Childhood trauma due to physical appearance may already be one of the root causes of this problem. In reality, bullying does not only make the child suffer mentally, but there are also serious consequences in their body due to BDD. Few patients that have received early childhood plastic surgery are rising with issues of heart attacks and weight loss disorders too.

Mentality of pleasing othersCosmetic Surgery Addiction How To Love Myself

Confidence is lost through cosmetic surgeries. As they want to make others tell them they’re beautiful, it is an automatic response for them to shape themselves accordingly. Feeling of being above normal beauty is really a grave concern nowadays. This is very risky especially if your body is not able to cope up anymore. Adults that feel like they want to please people are in serious threat of infections due to this constant change in the body.

Drugs that enhance the addiction

Another common thing for people to succumb to surgery is through drugs. Opioids, anesthesia, and other numbing drugs can really get the person wanting more of the sensation. This addiction in combination with cosmetic surgery is really a deadly and risky issue.

How To Stop Cosmetic Surgery Addiction

A psychologist is one of the best professionals that you know can really help you gradually. Conditions that talk about physical perceptions, acceptance, as well as depression is a mental health issue. Awareness about addiction rose through the years of learning about suicide problems that also correlate to any kind of addiction. If you are looking for help, don’t hesitate to ask this from people you trust. Find a psychologist and know how to eliminate the root causes, since you know you can do it.

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