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Coffee addicts and tooth discoloration

Coffee addicts and tooth discoloration

Being a coffee addict can have many adverse effects on your health. A rapid heart rate, anxiety, and digestive issues are only some of the side-effects of having too much coffee. A dentist in Corrimal says that too much coffee can discolor your teeth. Read more on that topic here.

How does coffee stain teeth?

It is commonplace to have a cup of coffee in the morning. It has its benefits. It provides antioxidants that help you keep that youthful glow. However, a coffee addict does face the problem of teeth staining and discoloration. Coffee and also tea would stain teeth because the tannins in these beverages would build upon the tooth enamel. These stains can become very noticeable over time, and they can make people very conscious of their teeth’s discoloration.

How to get rid of these stains

There are many ways to prevent discoloration from happening. You do not have to completely stop drinking coffee to achieve this. Everyone has their way of waking themselves up in the morning, and some people need their coffee fix before starting their day, you can still prevent teeth stains even if you drink coffee.

  • Add milk to your coffee. Adding milk to your coffee will reduce the staining effects that have on teeth. If you enjoy tea as well, milk can also be added to prevent tooth discoloration.
  • Drink water after your coffee. One way to reduce staining would be to prevent the coffee from adhering to your teeth. If you have a few swigs of water after you drink the coffee, the tannins would be easily washed away before they can have their way with your teeth.Coffee addicts and tooth discoloration
  • Brush your teeth after you drink coffee. If you want to be extra careful, you can keep a toothbrush handy for when you drink coffee at work. Brush your teeth after you have coffee so that all of the harmful things that cause discoloration would be gone from your mouth before you can say “I love coffee!”
  • Use a mouthwash that strengthens teeth. There are certain mouthwashes available on the market that can lighten stains as well as prevent more from occurring. These mouthwashes would work by strengthening the enamel of teeth to make it less vulnerable to discoloration.

In a nutshell, there are many ways that a coffee addict can prevent and get rid of the stains on their teeth. However, it is important to note that other more harmful risks come with drinking too much coffee. It can cause depression, fatigue, anxiety digestive issues, and other health problems if the addiction is not properly diagnosed and treated. If you feel that you are addicted to coffee, talk to your doctor about it, discoloration of the teeth is one problem but it would be more effective to tackle the cause for a more effective cure. Meanwhile, your dentist can also give you recommendations about how to whiten your teeth safely, even if you enjoy waking yourself up in the morning with a nice, warm cup of joe.


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