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Causes of alcohol addiction

Causes of alcohol addiction

Alcoholism is caused by many factors inclusive of psychological, social, genetic and environmental factors. Surprisingly, this addiction can easily impact and affect any person regardless of their ethnicity, age, body type, personal beliefs or gender. Depending on the type of risk factors an individual exhibits, the person may start developing great signs of alcoholism. Funny enough, some of the risk factors an individual demonstrate might be out of their control. On this link, a comprehensive information on the causes of alcohol addiction is provided.

Most common causes of alcohol addiction include the following.

  1. Stressful environment
    As earlier mentioned, environmental factors have a great influence on alcoholism. An individual who finds himself or herself in a stressful environment such as stress job, an abusive relationship may end developing a high tendency of taking alcohol to relieve stress. Certain jobs like nurses and doctors consume the most time of individuals and can be very stressful and this can make participants drink heavily to reduce the stress of such occupations.
  2. Taking alcohol at an early age
    It goes without saying that persons who develop drinking habits at an early age are more likely to have an addiction to alcohol. Their body tolerance to alcohol also increases and therefore to them, alcoholism might be a comfortable habit. These are people who might experience physical reliance on alcohol when they grow old.
  3. Mental health problems
    Mental issues such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder can increase the rate of alcoholism. An individual might easily turn to the habit of drinking alcohol every time they feel anxious or depressed to ease such feelings and this could consequently lead to addiction to alcohol.
  4. Taking alcohol with some medicine
    Toxic impacts of alcoholism on the body might be increased by some medicines. A person who is fond of taking alcohol with medicine may develop addiction over time. This can be life threatening and dangerous.
  5. Family background
    Genetics, social factors, and your family environment increases your chance of alcohol addiction. Spending time with individuals who abuse alcohol can influence you to consume alcohol as well.
causes of alcohol addiction

The above risk factors play a key role in influencing alcohol addiction to the life of any individual.

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