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Can a bad nose job surgery be fixed?

Can a bad nose job surgery be fixed?

You perform plastic surgery to improve your looks. With rhinoplasty, you not only enhance your nasal profile, but it can also improve your breathing and airway. But what do you do if your surgeon botched it? Can a well-trained team of surgeons fix a bad nose job?

Things to consider before fixing a bad nose job

  1. The length of time between the surgery and the correction.

You may have undergone rhinoplasty to correct a deformity from an accident or a genetic issue. Then, as much as we would have avoided it, something happened that altered the results of the surgery, making you hate what happened to your nose. This entails a revision rhinoplasty to correct the outcome. The length of time from the first surgery to the corrective procedure is important to determine the level of scar formation, if the nose already recovered from the initial surgery, and if it is ready now to accommodate the correction.

  1. The procedure

bad nose jobThis will depend on what part of the nose was enhanced and what was the defect or deformity before the initial surgery and now that it is botched. Please bear in mind that if in the initial surgery, the surgeon said that your procedure is going to be complicated, you have to expect that the revision rhinoplasty will be twice as complex. Sometimes, the surgeon will need to use additional fillers, or materials to salvage what is left of your nose, and most of the time, several surgeries are really needed to complete the correction.

  1. The recovery period

Because revision rhinoplasty is more intricate than the initial cosmetic reconstructive surgery, the recovery period will also take longer than usual. Multiple surgeries may be needed to achieve you and your surgeon’s desired results, and months interval may be needed to let the nose recuperate, so expect a longer waiting time before the final results may be appreciated.

  1. The cost

Let’s face it; undergoing a reconstructive or cosmetic surgery is somehow considered as a luxury because of its high cost. However, surgeons would need to help you understand that revision rhinoplasty is more expensive. The expertise of your rhinoplasty surgeon is going to be tested to its highest levels, especially if the problems with your nose were not performed by him. Complete evaluation of your nose is required as if this is the first time you will undergo the nose surgery. This is to ensure that no other complications and unforeseen instances during the corrective rhinoplasty will transpire. With this, expect that, if rhinoplasty is priced at $5000 to $7500, a revision rhinoplasty can cost you between $10000 to $15000. This would include the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia, and other surgical expenses that you may need, like grafting, reshaping, and use of fillers.


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