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What You Need To Know About Breast Enlargement Pills

What You Need To Know About Breast Enlargement Pills

If you prefer taking breast enlargement pills over cosmetic breast enlargement procedures, you need to know what is in store before you begin. You should also know when you can expect to see favorable results. This kind of information will help you assess whether or not the pills you take are working.

How they work

There are a plethora of brands producing breast augmentation pills. However, the majority work in the same way. Breast size is increased by increasing estrogen levels. Some of the common ingredients used are fenugreek and soy. Some pills have a mix of minerals and vitamins to ensure you maintain good health during the process.

What to expect

You may not notice any side effects during the first few days of taking the pills. After a week or so, you should feel your breast getting tender and heavier. This is natural. There are people who have reported experiencing light cramping and moodiness. Something similar to what you would experience a week before your menstruation. breast enlargement pills

In the first two or three weeks you hsodl see a definite increase in size. You should also experience the side effects leveling out. Cramping, moodiness, and soreness should no longer exist. Your body will have gotten used to the increase in estrogen.

Most women have reported an increase by one or two cup sizes. You should be ready to get a new bra. In a month or two you should achieve the size you wanted.

When you stop taking the pills there are some side effects. Estrogen levels will gradually decrease causing a shrinking of your breasts to your previous size. It takes about two to three months for this to take effect. You may also experience hair loss when brushing your hair.

Bottom line

Breast enlargement pills are a safe and easy way to increase your boob size. Majority of these pills have minimal side effects. Make sure you consult with your primary physician before you start using these pills.

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