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Addicted To Cosmetic Surgeries for Body Make-over

Addicted To Cosmetic Surgeries for Body Make-over

Cosmetic surgery can be beneficial and help boost your self esteem. Most people have things they would like to change about themselves, and cosmetic surgery for body makeover can help achieve that. However, there can be a darker and deeper meaning behind getting cosmetic surgery that affects a small percentage of those looking to achieve a better look for themselves. Some people being so narcissist use this to have an excessive attention and admiration from others because they have a fragile self esteem that’s vulnerable to the slightest criticism.

A nose job to correct a slight bump, or a breast augmentation to help achieve a fuller bust to have a more proportionate body, or even a little lift and tuck on your face as you age are all some of the common procedures people have to correct things they don’t like about themselves. There are people who take cosmetic surgery to an extreme for a full body makeover. They eventually become addicted to cosmetic surgery, attempting to achieve a perfect image in their eyes. These people who are addicted to cosmetic surgery, typically have what is called body dysmorphic disorder.

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Body dysmorphic disorder only affect about 1%-2% of the population in general, but those who have become addicted to cosmetic surgery and obtaining a body makeover makeup about 15% of the population who have surgery done. Though this condition is not very common, it is the main reason behind those who become addicted to plastic surgery. The disorder makes the person focus on every little flaw they see with themselves, even if it is not there. They see themselves in a distorted, ugly, and unflattering way. Those who suffer from this, turn to cosmetic surgery in hopes to achieve a better look for themselves.

Those who suffer from BDD often become addicted, because they are constantly seeking a different way to achieve their desired look. The fact that only 1%-2% of the general population suffers from BDD, while 15% of cosmetic surgery patients, lead to believe that if you are seeking to have a complete body makeover through the use of cosmetic surgery, you just might have an addiction and an underlying mental health condition.

Aside from BDD, it is possible to become addicted to almost anything that provides a quick and easy fix to our problems. Cosmetic surgery offers a solution to almost every physical flaw we see on ourselves, with an instant gratification. Having a complete makeover, from lips, nose, cheeks, bust, hips, waist, butt, etc. could point to an addiction to an easy fix to obtain the most desirable outcome in the quickest way.

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