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Best Alcohol For Toothache

Best Alcohol For Toothache

Can alcohol reduce toothache? What is the best alcohol for toothache? Whiskey is known to be fairly strong alcohol. Along with other alcoholic drinks, it calms our minds, and it numbs our senses, so the probability of alcoholic being able to numb the pain of toothaches is great; either you gargle it, so the liquor touches the gums and the teeth or take at least one shot of it at the dentist’s, right?

This practice has been going on since the Civil War of America between early 1861 until early 1865. Some speculated it has been going on before that era! Experts theorized it was because the whiskey has a certain part in as a temporary escape of the battlefield, but during these days, harm could occur more frequently than it’s helpful.

best alcohol for toothacheA spokesman and dentist of the American Dental Association from Cleveland, Dr. Matthew J. Messina, said that majority of the people used whiskey as a dental cure of sorts.

Scientifically, alcohol is able to fend off bacteria. It can but not entirely. It’s not enough to completely claim that the mouth is uncontaminated and it’s not qualified to be valued as an anesthetic. Yes, it relaxes the pain, but the relaxation is temporary. The alcoholic in your vodka or beer contains highly concentrated acid that would only make the pain greater. Not to mention it only delays proper treatment. It has other side effects including:

  • You will get dehydrated
  • It does not last long
  • Your mind’s reaction and reflexes are slower
  • Can damage your liver

Instead of taking antibiotics, which doesn’t have the mentioned side effects, people still find ways to replace the dentist with remedies. The people who look for these kinds of treatment in place of proper dental checkups are usually the ones who are frightened at the thought of going to the dentist, but the downside is that the longer the patient waits, it delays then the quick occurrence instead of dealing with the process and moving on.

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