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Addiction to ADHD medication

Addiction to ADHD medication

There is a strong divine bot in the general public, as well as in the medical community, about ADHD. Some claim its just a fad, something that’s hard to diagnose. The fact that kids are prescribed medication that alters their brains at such a young age is according to them a disaster that could affect the world in the years to come. One of the most vocal and famous proponents of treating ADHD with anything but medication is Dr, Phil, of Oprah and other talk show fame. But does the research show any correlation between ADHD and addiction? Is ADHD medication addiction real, or just a myth?

According to researchers, it is a tricky question. The majority of ADHD medication addiction happens not with the patients who have been prescribed those medications, but with kids, mostly in college, who use them to enhance their mental capabilities for studying. The kids who take ADHD medication rarely, if at all, become addicted to their meds. Numerous research papers have been published on the said subject and none of them gave a conclusive answer that the ADHD medication causes addiction in their patients.

Here comes the trickiest part. Patients with DHD diagnoses are adhd medication addictionthemselves, because of the disease, more susceptible to an addiction of any kind. Studies have shown that kids who really suffer from ADHD are two to three times more likely to suffer from drug or alcohol abuse. It is the disease itself, and not the treatment that causes the increased odds of addiction.

Science is clear. ADHD medication does not lead to further addiction if you are a patient who should be treated with such medication. If you are using the unprescribed you will get addicted to them and probably something else along the way. Be sure to secure yourself, or a loved one with ADHD from environments that could lead them to indulge in alcohol or opioid abuse.

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