Salvation Army Men’s Addictions Recovery Program

Address:420 9th Ave. SE
Calgary, Alberta
T2G 0R9
Phone:(403) 410-1150
Fax:(403) 410-1098
Hours of Operation: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
The following types of financial support are available:
EII (Employment Immigration and Industry)
EI (Employment Insurance)
AISH (Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped)
EAP (Employee Assistance Program)
Brief Description of Services Provided:

The Men's Addictions Recovery Program is a long-term
residential program that exists to assist clients make positive
choices leading to a more fulfilling life. The Addictions
Recovery Program is tailored to meet the individual needs of
its clients and includes four phases.
Phase 1: Residential Orientation and Assessment (~2 wks):
Clients are assessed (physically, socially, psychologically,
and spiritually) and an individual treatment plan and goals
are created.
Phase 2: Recovery (~4 wks): Clients begin an eclectic
recovery program, targeting addictions to alcohol and other
drugs. This includes counseling in individual and group
settings, as well as interactive workshops.
Phase 3: Relapse Prevention (~6 wks): After completing
their initial recovery program, clients are counseled on
relapse prevention, exit planning, life skills training,
community re-integration and the implementation of a
follow-up support system.
Phase 4: Transitional Housing (up to 1 yr. from intake):
Must have completed all paperwork and graduated from
program. Goal is to build a healthy social life outside
treatment centre which supports sobriety. All Phase 4
residents must be actively seeking housing. Residents must
have secured employment and or schooling. All Phase 4
residents must be linked with outside resources and or
continued outside counseling. Clients must continue to be
actively involved in community life.

Special Populations:Aboriginal, Court Involved, Concurrent disorders (mental health issues), Drug Treatment Court, Parole Clients, Canadian Mental Health Diversion project
Referral Process:

Referrals come from other treatment facilities, hospitals,
correctional facilities, courts, employers, detox centers,
families, and self-referrals.
Applications and Assessments are usually made in person
with our Intake Worker. This application is then presented to
the treatment team for final acceptance. We also have a
volunteer who visits the Calgary Remand Centre, Alpha
House Detox Centre, and the Renfrew Recovery Detox
Centre on a weekly basis to conduct intake and assessments.

Programs Offered:

Men's Addictions Recovery Program

Restrictions or Exclusions Criteria: 

Restrictions and Exclusion criteria:
- History of rape or violence against women.
- History of violent behaviour.
- Cannot be on Methadone.
- Unstable psychiatric condition.
- Applicants must be free of alcohol and drug use for a period of 5 days prior to admission.
- Applicant's primary addiction must be either drug or alcohol. Mental health issues and other process addictions (ie. Gambling, sex, eating disorders, etc.) must be secondary.
- Applicant must be willing to accept exposure to Christian values and principles.