Narcotics Anonymous

Address:P.O Box 61134
Kensington Postal Outlet
Calgary, Alberta
T2N 4S6

(403) 991-3427

Hours of Operation: Phone line open 24 hours, 7 days a week
Refer to for meeting times and locations.
Brief Description of Services Provided:

NA is a nonprofit fellowship or society of men and women for whom drugs had become a major problem. We meet regularly to help each other stay clean. We are not interested in what or how much you used, but only in what you want to do about your problem and how we can help. There are no social, religious, economic, racial, ethnic, national, gender, or class-status membership restrictions. There are no dues or fees for membership; while most members regularly contribute small sums to help cover the expenses of meetings, such contributions are not mandatory.

Narcotics Anonymous provides a recovery process and support network inextricably linked together. One of the keys to NA's success is the therapeutic value of addicts working with other addicts. Members share their successes and challenges in overcoming active addiction and living drug-free productive lives through the application of the principles contained within the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of NA. These principles are the core of the Narcotics Anonymous recovery program.

Membership is open to all drug addicts, regardless of the particular drug or combination of drugs used. When adapting AA's First Step, the word "addiction" was substituted for "alcohol," thus removing drug-specific language and reflecting the "disease concept" of addiction.

Special Populations:No
Referral Process:

None. Anyone interested in finding out about the NA program should
simply come to one of our meetings and identify themselves a

Meeting Lists indicating meeting times and locations are listed on
our website or simply by callilng (403) 991-3427

Programs Offered:Mutual Aid or Support Group
Recovering addicts meet regularly to help each other stay clean.
Restrictions or Exclusions Criteria: No. The only requirement for a membership in NA is a desire to stop using.