Enviros Wilderness School Association ExCel Discovery Program

Address:#220 3115 12th Street NE, Calgary, AB T2E 7J2
Phone:(403) 219-3499
Fax:(403) 219-3466
Hours of Operation: 8:00am-4:30pm

Description/Overview of Services/Programs:

The ExCEL Discovery Treatment Program is a program for female young offenders, in the province of Alberta, who are serving open custody time and who may wish to participate in mental health and addictions treatment. The ExCEL Discovery Treatment Program provides a physically and emotionally safe environment that fosters positive growth. Adolescent female gain knowledge and develop skills that contribute to:

Eliminating or reducing risk factors
Promoting positive mental health and resiliency
Interrupting patterns of re-offending
Creating opportunities to learn life skills
Reducing or eliminating the use of substance and the associated harmful effects
Encouraging self-sufficiency through education, experiential and treatment activities
Using recreational opportunity to develop self esteem
Offer the opportunity to advance their education (on site teacher)

The ExCEL Discovery Treatment Program provides two streams. First is the Discovery Phase, which is the assessment and introductory treatment phase where female youth are introduced to the program while serving their open custody time. 
Second is the Summit Phase, which is the intensive treatment phase, to which female youth voluntarily commit. Programming focuses on utilizing intensive therapy to facilitate self-discovery and healing in addition to information and skill development.

The ExCEL Discovery Treatment Program assists in mobilizing community and professional support to assist in the aftercare of adolescent females returning to their respective communities.