AHS - Adult Addiction Services


2nd Floor, 1177 - 11th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2R 1K9

Phone:(403) 297-3071
Fax:(403) 297-3036
Hours of Operation: 8:00am - 5:00 pm, Monday & Friday
8:00am - 9:00pm, Tuesday - Thursday
Fees:None- Please bring your Alberta Personal Health Card and one piece of government issued ID
Brief Description of Services Provided:

-Intake clients can drop in Monday to Friday at 12:30pm. After completing some information forms, clients are seen by an addictions counsellor. A counsellor usually meets with new cilents for 20 to 30 minutes to assess their needs and to offer information and treatment recommendations. Please call for more information.

- Family members and friends who are concerned about someone else's use of drugs or alcohol or are affected by someone else's gambling or sec addiction are invited to attend a group session at 12:30 Monday to Friday. This session is facilitated by an addictions counsellor. 

-Screening, treatment and referral for adults with alcohol, other drug, sex addiction or   gambling concerns

- Individual and group support for friends and family members
  whose lives have been affected by someone else's alcohol,
  other drug, sex addiction or gambling problems

- Information Series: Information on the psychological and
  physical aspects of addiction, as well as how addiction impacts
  the family
- Day Program: An intensive, structured program for clients
  who have been experiencing serious problems as a result of
  their use of alcohol, other drugs or gambling and who now
  want to abstain. This program helps clients identify skills and
  address problems important to their recovery and success. Please speak to your counsellor for information on registrations 

-GSG (Gambling Support Group): is a program for individuals who have recognized that gambling has become a problem in their lives and who have made the choice to stop gambling and maintain their abstinence. Clients must be referred to the group by their counsellor.

- Relapse Prevention: a group for those who have chosen to
  stop using alcohol, drugs, or gambling. Clients learn healthy
  ways to successfully manage high-risk situations, cope with
  life's challenges and stay clean and sober
- Emotional Recovery: a group to help individuals to better
  understand their emotions, to see how emotions impact
  recovery, and to learn healthy ways of dealing with their
- Awareness Assessment: as well as a program to help clients
  assess how alcohol and other drug use, or gambling has
  impacted their lives
- Women's Support Group: a supportive group where women can
  talk about their lifestyle, health and relationship concerns
  related to their recovery
- Information and referral for people who are concerned about
  their tobacco use
-ESW- Enhanced Services for Women: please speak to a counsellor for more information

-Concurrent Disorders Awareness Group- Please speak to a counsellor for more information

Transition Support Group: a drop-in discussion group available to clients established in recovery and would like peer support to maintain abstinence. Please speak to a counsellor for more information. 

Special Populations: 
Referral Process:Self-referral, or referral by others including doctors, courts, and workplaces. Intake is available to new clients on a drop-in basis weekdays at 12:30pm.
Programs Offered:Outpatient Addiction Treatment