Youth Specific Services

This section of the guide details information on the various types of addiction services available to youth in Calgary and surrounding areas. These services range from Health Promotion and Illness Prevention to Mutual Aid. Please refer to the Addiction Services Guide Main Page to find information on organizations which focus on other populations.


Mutual Aid or Support Group
Outpatient Treatment (Day Program)
Outpatient Treatment (Evening Program)
Medically Managed Intensive Inpatient
Community Medical/Psychiatric Treatment
Residential Medical/Psychiatric Treatment
Residential Treatment (non-medical)
Residential Supportive or Stabilization
Detox (Residential Withdrawal Management)
Detox (Social/Non-Medical)
Needle Exchange
Methadone Treatment
AADAC Youth Services Centre

Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre

CHR Addiction Centre Foothills Adolescent Program

Woods Homes